Fee Schedule

Share Draft Account Fees
Copy of cancelled check $5.00 per check
NSF Fee $30.00 per item
NSF Fee on ACH item $30.00 per item
Stop payment Fee $20.00 per item
Personal Check Orders Prices vary according to style
Debit Card Annual Fee $10.00
Replacement Debit Card Fee $11.00
Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)
Account Reconciliation Fee $10.00 after first hour
Account Research Fee $35.00
Statement Copy Fee $1.00 per page
Wire transfer (outgoing) Fee $15.00 per transfer
Credit Union Check $2.00 per check
NSF Check Written to Member $25.00 each
Quarterly fee on all dormant share accounts over 48 months $5.00
Money Orders $1.00 per money order
Notary Service No charge to members
Returned Mail Fee $5.00 per month
Credit Union Membership
Share $25.00 par value
Entrance fee $2.00
Share Certificates
Early withdrawal results in a 90-day dividend penalty